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Santo Domingo Real Estate

santo domingo dominican Republic

The capital of the Dominican Republic, originally named La Isabela, was founded by the brother of Christopher Columbus in 1496. Today, Santo Domingo is a cosmopolitan city that is home to more than two million people. Newcomers to the city will find that Santo Domingo boasts a wide range of activities that include sports, opera, museums, ballet, dining, shopping, and nightlife. Zona Colonial, the Colonial Zone, is the true heart of the city. Stroll through this quaint neighborhood and you will encounter historical monuments, cobblestone streets, and a fascinating blend of Old World Spanish architecture that has survived through the centuries.

If you are considering making Santo Domingo your home, whether part-time or full-time, there are numerous real estate options here to consider. The spacious homes and villas situated through Santo Domingo and the surrounding area are often a great choice if you are planning to come here with your family or if you simply want to ensure you have enough space for family and friends to visit you.

Situated along the southern coast of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo also boasts a number of properties for sale that are within close proximity of the beach. One of these homes could be a great choice if you happen to enjoy many of the available water-based activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, or boating. Homes near the beach are also a great option to consider if you are thinking of renting out your property as a vacation home when you are not in residence. As the Dominican Republic becomes increasingly popular as a tourist destination, vacation homes are continually in demand. Renting out your vacation home is an excellent way to bring in additional income and potentially even cover your mortgage payment.

Another option to consider is one of the beautiful condos in Santo Domingo. If you prefer the idea of being able to enjoy the many cultural and outdoor activities available here without being concerned about home maintenance, a condo could be a suitable choice. Additionally, many of the condo communities here provide an array of services and amenities that make living here even more idyllic.

With a wealth of natural beauty, an almost unlimited number of cultural and entertainment pursuits, and a laid-back atmosphere that begs you to relax and unwind, Santo Domingo is the perfect location to consider for the purchase of your vacation or retirement home.