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Casa de Campo Real Estate is the exclusive listing agency for all sales and rentals in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. Count on our expertise and high qualified professionals to help you find the perfect home. Explore of over 300 listings for sale and 160 rentals and call us with any questions.

Casa de Campo is truly a tropical paradise that is like no other, and there has never been a better time to invest in real estate here. One of the most compelling reasons to consider investing in Casa de Campo real estate is that there are absolutely no restrictions regarding the foreign ownership of real estate. In fact, investors have been purchasing real estate here for a number of years. Initiatives have been made recently by the government to improve the local infrastructure, including local roadways. As a result, the interest of private investors in the Dominican Republic is on the rise.

Casa de Campo

Foreign investors will find there are many other reasons to consider the purchase of real estate here. At the moment, the residential housing market in this lush oasis remains relatively underdeveloped. By purchasing a home or villa, you will be able to enjoy everything this beautiful land has to offer when you visit with family and friends while at the same time watching your investment increase in value in years to come. Owning a second home in the Dominican Republic also provides you with the opportunity to collect income from your home while it is not in use. In fact, you may even find that you are able to pay your mortgage from the rental proceeds you collect. When you are ready for a relaxing vacation, you can be assured of your own private retreat where you can enjoy the tantalizing sights and sounds of the Dominican Republic absolutely free.

Currently, the market is certainly ripe for investment. Tourism has rapidly become one of the largest sources of income and now accounts for a large percentage of the Dominican Republic’s GDP.

The beaches are easily among the best reasons to purchase real estate here. Even experienced travelers often concur that the local beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. With an abundance of palm trees, soft-white sand, and no skyscrapers to obscure your view of the turquoise waters, the beaches here are truly a paradise like no other. Although the weather here is almost always sunny and warm, the continual breeze ensures you never have to worry about overheating. An occasional mid-day or evening sprinkle keeps things pleasantly cool.

The people are certainly one more reason why the Dominican Republic has become such a popular destination for travelers as well as investors. With its unique blend of ethnicities, this country is truly a melting pot of fascinating people hailing from around the world. The locals tend to be both helpful and humble, exhibiting strong family ties.

In addition, the opportunity for growth in the Dominican Republic remains phenomenal. Many areas here have only developed as a popular tourist destination during the last decade or so. As a result, there are still numerous opportunities for businesses that simply did not exist just a few years ago. For savvy entrepreneurs who are considering relocating here, there are still many businesses that are needed where there is virtually no competition in existence.

Whether you are considering the purchase of Dominican Republic real estate as a vacation home or a possible retirement property, the number of options is practically without limit. Villas are excellent choices if you are looking for a property with rental potential or you desire plenty of space for entertaining family and friends. Condos are also a great option for couples or retirees who are interested in enjoying everything this beautiful paradise has to offer without the hassles of maintenance and a lot of space to care for. If you are looking for the ideal compromise, there are also many homes of varying size available for purchase.